Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Eight Repurposed Drawer Ideas

Sometimes you just gotta junk the dresser.  Or nightstand.  But sometimes there's no need to junk the drawers or leave them homeless!  

I know there are so many cute ideas out there, like putting legs under them and turning them into planters, or one of my personal favorites - castors and a cushion for a cute footstool (though I've still never done it myself).

Here are eight different ways I've personally repurposed a drawer - or parts of the drawer!

1. Farmhouse decor
Click here to see how I DIY my own stencils

2. Under the bed storage
This was at our previous house and worked well because we didn't have carpet.  I attached castors to the bottom of the drawers so they could roll out.

3. Window Boxes
Click here to see the details!

4. Rustic Succulent Shelf with lath boards
See more lath projects here. 

5. Hanging shelf/chalkboard

Just another way I used the same chalkboard/shelf for a baby shower:

6. Hand Towel Hanger

7. Cute Signs!  
Using the sides of drawers that had damaged fronts, I dismantled the drawers and painted them into cute wall signs.

8. Chalkboard/Message Board
Click here to DIY this

That's all folks!  But I gotta leave you with one more parting shot of my favorite:

Have you repurposed a drawer into something clever?  Do share!

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