Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Chalkboard Hall Tree

So everyone probably already knows where this is going to go if you know me.  
Broken mirror.... press board backing....  ummm chalkboard that!
Cuz isn't that what we do with everything we're unsure about?
Yeah. Chalkboard that.

But hopefully you know that you don't have to actually buy chalkboard paint!
I mean shucks, I suppose it would be the easy route if you've just got one project goin' on but if you're like me and you are about to "chalkboard" everything plus the cat, it makes sense to just make your own.  

I usually find some off-black in the "oops" paint section for a couple bucks and use that. 
Here's my sorta-kinda recipe (sorta-kinda cuz I don't ever measure anything).  And really, if you want exact measurements - just knock it off.  Knock. It. Off.  If you want perfect stuff, drive your butt over to Hobby Lobby.

And while there are thousands of different color hues in the world...
I went all crazy and chose to paint the rest of this piece white.
Cuz I'm just bold and daring with my color choices these days.  
I've heard once you've turned 29 eight different times, things like this start happening.

Buffalo check?  Boxwood greenery?  We've got it ALL, Baby.
I'm feeling like Joanna Joanna Fo Fanna with all this uncharacteristic staging going on.

I had no plans to leave those brass hooks as they were but when all was said and done, I thought they ended up looking rather stellar with the new paint job.

 Hope that gratified your little before and after appetite for the day.  If you even were hungry for one to begin with cuz I don't know, maybe you just had nothing better to do today than to see what was happening on the Korner...  Oh and guess what?  Our family opened our presents last night.  On the seventeenth, after a candlelit supper (because I'm from rural Iowa and we call it SUPPER) of leftovers and reading the Christmas story.  It was a blast and we did a hilarious mad-lib to Jingle Bells while we took turns opening.  The end. 

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  1. Kammy, this is so simple and so stunning. I love the chalkboard and the white is right on! Way to go!
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  2. Love the hall tree! I make my chalk paint too. It's so easy to mix up a batch of whatever color you need for a project. I have lived in Michigan my whole life. We call supper supper or dinner. Not sure why. One of those weird family things, you never know why, you just do lol! Have a great Christmas!


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