Monday, June 24, 2019

NOW OPEN! The Parma Antique Mall Upstairs!

Exciting news for Parma, Michigan!

 Darin has expanded the Antique Mall yet again!  After some blood, sweat, and tears... the upstairs is open!

  Okay let's be real. 
 The sweat could have filled as many buckets of plaster that I hauled out of there.  The only one crying any tears was Darin as he wrote checks for the work getting done.  And blood?  I'm sure someone bled at some point as I saw several different dudes in and out of the joint working on this project.  Haha.

Just CHECK THIS OUT!  A little overwhelming?  

Dust.  So. Much. Dust.

And yes, I'll always be a little miffed that he didn't paint those wood floors.  But don't tell Darin.  I don't want him to know I'm holding a grudge. 😜

And after the clean up crew (Darin's Dad Richard and I plus a few others here and there), the big guns moved in and went to work:

And here are the photos I took TODAY!  
Vendors have moved in and beautiful antiques are just waiting for you to snatch them up!  Here's the new staircase.  Come have a look-see:

So glad the gorgeous windows and door overlooking Main Street were saved!
(As they should be!  This is an ANTIQUE mall after all!)

And as always, here's Darin with a smile and a deal for YOU!

Make a morning of it! 
Ferg's is now serving breakfast on the weekends.  Browse the Parma Antique Mall all morning.  Lunch at Cindy's new eat-in dining area (may I recommend the philly cheese steak hoagie??).  Then come stay with me in my Airbnb cabin or Gidley Station.  Yeah?

Open EVERY DAY now from 10:00 - 6:00.
Click HERE to like the PARMA ANTIQUE MALL on Facebook!  Pictures posted frequently of new merchandise coming in!  Stay in the know!

As always, thanks for dropping by Kammy's Korner!
Stay tuned to Kammy's Korner for some fabulous furniture flips and what's going on around this old historic estate.  Like windmills, barns, and who knows what else!

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