Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Metal Cart Makeover

It must have been a long winter.  I know I didn't have this metal cabinet last summer so I must have picked it up right at the end of the Michigan fall but I have no recollection of this thing or where I got it.  Garage sale?  Goodwill?  A friend?  The Fairy Godmother? At any rate, the sun has been shining in these parts finally which forced me out to the barn and I spotted this and instant inspiration smacked me upside the head.

There are some things to really love about this ugly thing.  It rolls.  Anything on wheels is good.  It has a sweet wood top that folds down.  It has long wooden handles.  It has a shelf inside.  The doors are magnetic so they stay closed.  It doesn't smell like poo.

So all you have to do is slide out these little arms to hold up the "leaves".  Can I call them leaves on a metal cabinet like this?  Not sure.  But I love how easy they are! I dissolved Webpatch 90 in some hot water and stirred in a combo of two mistint paints I had on hand.  They were both a shade of black but one had some brown undertones and the other had some blue undertones and mixed together they were the PERFECT slate black.  I used a foam roller to get a smooth look. 

After cleaning up the wood top, I used a rag to rub Restor-A-Finish over the whole top and let it dry.  Wowzers do I love the anonymous person who sent that to me in the mail one fine day!

I have a little pint of gold paint that's been with me for at least eighteen years.  Seriously, guys.  It's like the widow's cruise of oil in the old testament that didn't run out.  I knew these handles needed to be gold so I used old throw-away brushes to paint the gold on them.  It separates something fierce since it's oil based and it dried with a bit of a funky finish.  But I kinda like it.  I'm a little funky myself after all.  You can kinda see what I mean if you look closely at the next picture.

Didn't it turn out rather classy looking?  I still haven't sealed the black paint in though.  Since it's my hardcore homemade chalk paint, it has a rather rough finish.  I'm not sure if I should lightly sand it for a smoother finish or just leave it....

My friend gave me this pair of oil and vinegar bottles as a hostess gift last month.
People really don't need to do that - I'm good with a verbal thank you - but oh how I love these things!  And it's always fun to get a gift - who doesn't love opening up a package??  Having these dispensers on my kitchen counter make me feel much classier than I actually am... 😜

Come to thing of it, the marble/wood cutting board was also a hostess gift - from another Iowan friend! :)

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  1. So pretty! I agree, anything with wheels is good.

  2. I love to see your furniture makeovers! You always see potential when some only see junk and your pieces are always lovely!


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