Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Family Room Tour 2019

Looking back through old photos, I've realized how much my family room has morphed since I last shared anything about it.  This is not an exciting before/after or DIY post, just a little photo tour of our family room.  And probably the next time my mom visits, it will change again.  The only thing I really want to do, but probably won't get around to it until who-knows-when, is paint that big black mirror over the fireplace white.  What do you think?

Pardon the grainy photos - I was lazy and used my phone camera. Definitely not the greatest idea!

Probably some day soon those big brown leather chairs will need to replaced - they've been great for Goodwill finds.  In fact, I'd say thrift store bargain of the decade at $5 each! 

If you look close in the above picture, you'll see the corner behind the couch where the lamp is.  It's actually a little "media" nook for the kids where their records, CDs and tapes are - have I ever mentioned we're kinda old school 'round here?

And then there's.... that...that...that wardrobe....holding that evil.... thing.... that we open every now and then to watch a family movie or the male species in this house can watch a sporting event.  Laughingly, I don't even have a clue how to turn it on.  Haha.  I'm not a TV person for many reasons which I don't feel like going in to today! 😜  But I was the one that decided to put it there because I was tired of hubby and the boys deserting me to hang out in the attic to watch the Michigan game.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. Seriously $5 for those chairs? Lovely room! How cool your kids listen to records -- I wish I had kept all mine!

  2. What an inviting room to step into! Love the little touches of color: the globe, the greenery ball on the chess board, the wreath above the pastel blue dresser. So pretty! I agree with you about the frame, painting it either white or an accent color.


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