Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rusty Metal, Little Girls, and Free Storage!

I got some super good "junk" out of a friend's garage a couple months ago.  
I think I surprised them when I took this rusted metal cabinet - they kinda gave me the "whatever, Kammy" look. 

After cleaning it up, the first order of business was to add some casters.
But as I try to tell all you people, I'm no expert on this stuff.  Now this probably would have worked just fine if we had just went to the store and bought what we needed.  But I was pretty sure I had what we needed in my "stashes".  Nope.   Wrong type.  They wobbled and fell out and Hubby only has so much patience with my projects before he walks away... so I decided they weren't that important after all....😒

Tori claimed this piece as her own after she saw that most of her slime-making ingredients would fit nicely in the drawers, and that she could paint over the metal with her favorite color - aqua blue.
And of course, she insisted doing it herSELF. :) She's eight now, so this works out much better than when she was two.  I added some Webpatch powder to the paint so that it would be extra durable and not scratch.  It did the trick!

We picked out some coordinating scrapbook paper from my paper hoard and lined the rusty drawers.

I can't believe I convinced her to keep the front of the drawers rustic.  I fully expected a full out battle over it. 😜   WD-40 made the rusty stubborn handles move again and this thing is now chuck full with bottles of Elmer's Glue, shaving cream, glitter, corn starch, lotion, and whatever else she puts in that slime of hers.  So much better than piled in empty tissue boxes under her dresser.  😂

I totally get that this a completely different style than the beautiful Duncan Phyfe dresser next to it, but we go for function and eclectic (and free!). 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. What a fun piece for her room (or anywhere)!

  2. I would've grabbed the cabinet too, rust is the best! You did a fabulous job on it.


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