Friday, January 25, 2019

Tori's Duncan Phyfe Dresser

There's this little po-dunky place that is one of my favorite places ever to treasure hunt.
I feel like I'm giving away a secret, but since I don't live in Iowa, I don't feel the need to hide this source for good junk.  What, you can't tell me you aren't the same!  Like if you share a good spot someone is going to get the good stuff before you so you just keep it to yourself and sneak over like a little sneaky snake....  I'm even guilty of not hitting "like" on a garage sale ad I see on Facebook for fear it will bring attention to the sale and all the good stuff will be gone before I get there.  I know!!!  I tell my kids "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU" and then I think like THAT!  Oy.  I have some work to do on my selfishness.  

So what is this place?  Black Sheep Antiques in Parkersburg, Iowa.
When I'm in Iowa, I call Robert up to make sure the store is open before driving out there because you never know if he's at an auction or something.  And as soon as I ask if the store is open, he knows it's "that girl from Michigan" just by my voice.  Apparently I have a distinct (weird?) voice.  So I saw this Duncan Phyfe dresser out there for a good deal - but it was a little rough.  Rough doesn't scare me as long as all the drawers work good - and they did.  I didn't have room to bring it home, so my parents brought it out with them on a visit and then it sat in Tori's room for almost a year all dark and scary in the corner.  Until this week, actually, when I said, enough is enough.  Let's paint that dark bad boy in the corner.  

(Sorry wood lovers, the wood really was in pooey shape. You just can't tell in the pic.  I promise, cross my heart.)  Oh oh, I forgot I took a pic!  Here's some proof:

My daughter has about 5,083 pieces of clothing and her little bitty dresser just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I moved this into her room even though it didn't match but dude, she was desperate for some more space. Mind you, she only wears six of those 5,083 articles of clothing, but she MIGHT some day so ya know... we must hang on to ALL OF THEM.  Hmmm.... wonder where she gets that.  Not to mention all the empty tissue boxes that were stashed under this dresser before I took the picture because ya know... they might make good trinket boxes!  (I've created... a hoarding monster!)

So I know the walls look gray in this picture, but they really are a shade of light aqua blue.
I used light aqua blue for the drawers too (not the same as the walls, who knows where that is by now!) and white on the rest of the dresser.
I love the hint of contrast.  It's not an in-your-face contrast, just slight.
Slight and light and bright.  Wanna fight?  I don't know why my kids think I'm so weird...

I used a sheet of sand paper to go over all the edges, nooks, and crannies for a distressed shabby chic look.  Cuz I like shabby chic and cuz if it happens to get scratched, well it won't be so noticeable. :)

Now, let's see if she can keep underneath the dresser cleared out, and the corner not piled with empty kleenex boxes.  Oh, and you know what else was under that dresser?  Sixteen containers of slime.  I added that to the 23 other containers I found.  She now has a special cabinet JUST for her slime.  There are almost 40 containers.  No wonder why I can't find anything to put hubby's sandwich in.
This slime craze has

Aren't those prints just the best?  I got four of them at an estate sale down the road from my house a few years ago.  They were still in the folder and are over 100 years old.  Hot dog!

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p.s. if you see Tori... please don't let on that you know some of her secrets...
Mom will be in big trouble.

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