Friday, March 5, 2021

The Mitten State {Customized Stencil by Lazer Design}

I got a new stencil!!  Not just any stencil, but the silhouette of my home state - Michigan! Sorry Iowa, you raised me well and I will always love you, but I've made the switch to Michigan girl. Anyways.  Ohhhh, guys. I am like Heywood Banks looking for subjects to sing about.  The possibilities are endless.  I mean, he sings about foreheads being on fire, flies landing on a cow pie before landing on your potato salad, and my all time favorite Heywood song  - TOAST (ask me to sing 'toast' for you sometime.  I will).  But instead of subjects for music, it's subjects for my new MICHIGAN stencil customized just for me by LAZER DESIGNS.  Nothing is safe from getting branded with the shape of Michigan.  A chair seat? Vintage suitcase? Old Vase? The cat?

This stencil was made by LAZER DESIGNS, cut from a thick and durable high quality vinyl -  totally unlike the homemade ones I make using clear folders from the Dollar Tree.  The detail on the state outline is perfect too! They did two different designs for me - one with less detail and then a more intricate one.  Even got all the little islands cut out between the Upper Peninsula  and the Mitten!

Let's see some of the projects I've used it on so far, shall we?

Yes Nelson, we see you. 
When the photobomber has adorable whiskers, I say bomb-away.

I can see the hashtags already. #theUPmatterstoo.  I promise, the chair and the vase were the only two projects I shirked the Upper Peninsula on.

Let's move on to some signage.  I mean, signs are just a given. I will be making Michigan signs like a crazy woman with this stencil. Again.... endless possibilities!

How about a little of everyone's favorite Michigan winter sport added to the Michigan silhouette?

On the left, those people who can't handle two skiis... and on the right - the real baddies.
Bet you can't guess which one I do.... ;)

I actually went into my booth at the Parma Antique Mall with my stencil in hand, wondering if there was something I could jazz up with the state of Michigan. I pulled out this old vintage suitcase.  What do you think? My friend Shana suggested I add the
"Let's Go North"  because let's face it.  If you're a true Michigander, "Let's go North" means "It's time for a vacation, comrades!"

Interested in LazerDesign,s stencils?

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Wait, let's not just end this at stencils. Because that's just the tip of the iceberg! 
 Talk about ENDLESS.... they have thousands of items for you to customize with your very own logo, design customized bridal party gifts, wedding favors, engrave knives, uniforms, and much more.

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