Sunday, February 7, 2021

Curbside Sewing Desk Revamp

It was a good day.  A good, fun day in my twenty-one year old F150, ninety degrees and no air conditioning, checking out our town's annual clean-your-house-out-and-get-your-crap-picked-up-for-free week.  

Any day spent with a good friend having a heat stroke next to you going from junk pile to junk pile on the curb picking up free treasures and well... junk... is a fun day.  In fact I'd go so far as to say I hadn't had that much fun since the day the rats ate my baby sister. Which is actually a Robert Bloch quote, who I'm not even familiar with, and if you must know the rats didn't eat my baby sister.  Just her little finger. My sister is alive and kicking. She kicks especially hard when I eat more than my half of the chicken sandwich we were supposed to split. Or when I talk to strangers too long in public. 

The great thing is, the town usually holds it's village-wide garage sales the week before "junk week" starts, so anything that doesn't sell gets put on the curb.  I had actually eyed this sewing desk at the owner's sale... but I'd already bought so much from them I had to return with my truck, so I turned it down.  And wouldn't you know it... there it was in the free pile the next week. Score!

Since most of the veneer was peeling, I took off all the handles and used a putty knife to remove the top layer of veneer on the drawer fronts.  There was no way no how to get those top pulls off however as they were faux drawers and no matter what, I couldn't finagle my screwdriver back there.  I didn't want to replace the hardware since I was totally digging the style, but they needed an update for sure.  Look no further than Rust-oleum's hammered spray paint.  Man I love that stuff. I woudln't normally spray hardware while it's on the piece but well shoot, I already told you I couldn't get these two off so I surrounded them carefully with painters tape and paper for the overspray.

Before you ask about the paint color, because I guarantee someone will, don't.  I have no idea.  I use mistints and mix my own colors from those mistints.  I'd like to call this one Kammy's Slatey-charcoaly-grayish-black.  Aye, so totally professional. 

I hope you all try to support local businesses, especially after the hard hit most of them took in 2020! I was out putting my money where my mouth is, doing some Christmas shopping a couple months ago at Brother's Outdoor World in Jackson, MI when I spied my desk being used to display all these adorable snowmen! Brother's Outdoor World is not just a landscaping company like most people think. It also has an adorable little shop full of local goods! If you're a local-yocal, go visit them soon and tell them I sent you. :)

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