Monday, March 29, 2010

Thrifty Thoughts #1-5

I realize not everyone (like city dwellers) can put these into action. But these are ways that I personally save money.

1. Burn the trash. Anything that isn't burnable goes into a separate garbage can and about every month or two gets taken to the incinerator. We probably end up paying roughly $5 a month for getting rid of our rubbish! Don't give me a global warming spiel - I like Glen Beck!

2. Tim always has a runny nose. Now that I'm married to him, so do I! So bothersome. But unless you have a full blown cold, do you really need that whole kleenex? Blow your nose in the corner, stick it in your pocket, and in 20 minutes, you'll need to use the other corner. Doubles the usage you get from one box of tissues. Stop making fun of me and read the next tip.

3. Always buy frozen juice concentrate to make juice. Make sure it's 100% juice. It's usually less than half the cost of buying it already made! Unless of course Meijer is having a buy 10 64oz apple juices for $10 - in that case, STOCK UP BABY.

4. If you're like me, you stand in the piping hot shower approximately 25 minutes longer than you should, stripping your skin of any moisture it may have had. So you make up for this by slathering your body in lotion. When you think the bottle is empty, uh uh, don't toss it in the garbage yet. Next shower, cut it open and you'll usually have enough stuck on the sides for another full body application. Although, most people might have double the surface area as me. I promise I'm not calling you big. I'm just mini. Same goes for face creams, sunblock, etc...

5. Never throw away gift bags or tissue paper. I have never purchased either of those 2 items. I have a large box that all the giftbags I receive go in, categorized by occasion, and another box of folded up tissue paper. Makes for quick and easy gift "wrapping" in a hurry!

These are only the beginning. Watch for 6-10 in the future... I'm sure you're on pins and needles!

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