Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Parma junk day!!

So I live by the little village of Parma, population 846 (in 2008).  Every spring, there are city wide garage sales.  Of course, I am the first one to descend on the town, pockets full of quarters, walking shoes on.  Then the next week is what we call "junk day".  Everyone is allowed to put all their "junk" on the curb and it is picked up for free.  So how convenient - everything that doesn't sell gets put to the curbside.  So there's usually about a week while everyone unloads their "unwanteds" and before the pick up.  So for people like me (and believe me, there are lots of us!) this is one of our favorite weeks of the year!  Mom and I jumped in the car to pick up some things at Dollar General (Parma's only store besides the gas station and liquor store) but saw all the piles and got quite side-tracked!  Dollar General will always be there so we forfeited the shopping and drove around finding all kinds of stuff.  We drove home with the trunk hanging open, chuck full.  Came back and exchanged the car for the minivan, which has stow-and-go seats.  Here's the unbelievable list of things we got:

- 2 book shelves
- battery powered rideable dump truck - perfect cond.
- 3 fisher price kitchen sets - one has ironing board, washing machine, etc.
- kid's work bench, complete with battery powered sander, and 20 tools - perfect cond.
- a box of wedding stuff full of: 20 glass rose bowl vases, unused paper plates, table cloth covers still in package, gerber daisies, 2 jars full of white and clear decorative rocks, and 20 floating candles
- retro flyer tricycle. Had a bent back wheel so Dad took 2 wheels off of a free push mower I got on the side of the road a few years ago and replaced them!
- bowling ball (mom wants to paint if for her landscaping)
- 6 white vinyl shutters
- white cube shelf for closet
-3 plastic drawers storage unit on rollers (missing the top - good for the barn useage)
- stand and play table for babies - perfect cond.
- perfect baby exersaucer, same one that I have, only mine is dirty and nasty from being outside!

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