Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adding to the stash

While eating Sunday dinner on the patio in the brilliant sunshine with my family a few weeks ago, a vehicle pulls up in my driveway and I scratch my head wondering who would be dropping in on this fine afternoon.  I'm not used to seeing my next door neighbor's jeep in my driveway since we live so close that it would be odd not to just walk over.  She loves to go to auctions.  Hooray!  She has won three desks, including one with a large round mirror, for $5 each!  She has to make two trips to get everything (also some really cool doll-size furniture for $1).  I give her $16 and a huge thank you.  Didn't I tell you once on this blog that my neighbors are better than yours??  Wow, I owe her big-time.  Watch in the next few days for some furniture make overs featuring these pieces!  I was out in the barn with the bats and other nocturnal critters last night until way past my bedtime.  Kind of creepy.  I've always been afraid of the dark.  Hey, they say confession is good for the soul!  But anyways, easier to work with them (critters) than a baby in a bumbo seat and 4 year old who both like to grab things they shouldn't (wet paint brushes for example....) like I did earlier in the day!

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