Friday, September 24, 2010

You know you're Frugal when....

You go to the Goodwill "AS IS" store and you're bummed to see they've raised their prices on kids clothes from 29 cents to 49 cents, and adults from 79 cents to $1!! 
This is from my trip to the Goodwill As Is store in Charlotte, MI
If you like thrift shopping and have never been to or even heard of a Goodwill as is store (or Goodwill Outlet) well by George this is your lucky day!!  Ohhhh wow are they great.  First of all, you need to have time on your side.  And be prepared to dig.  I'm not talking dig as in sort through rows and rows of clothes, I'm talking tables piled high with clothes, none of which are folded!  You will have a blast laughing at the doozies in there, but also ooo and ahhhh over the things others failed to find first!!  I took home a HUGE stack of clothes, mostly for my baby girl and some for myself and boys.  But also a large mirror, end table which you just wait - will be adorable painted up - and a chair, which will also turn into something beautimous.  Of course odds and ends also made it into my sack like a candle warmer, an awesome soup bowl set, etc.  All of this totaled up to $22.  Thirty three things, furniture included, and it totaled $22.  Woo hoo!!! By the way, ignore the price tags on everything.  There are big signs posted up on the walls that go something like this:
originally: $1.99 and .79
originally:  1.99 - .99
originally: 2.99-4.99.......................now1.29
I'm just guessing on these prices, it is something like that!!!  I got Tobin's desk there for just 79 cents once! But they've since raised their prices........  Someday I will post a pic of it.

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  1. I agree. have you tried salvation army. We have one here that is cheaper and better then goodwill and you get designer clothes. Erica D.


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