Thursday, December 9, 2010

Excedrin? Tube Bra? Glow in the dark golfball? FREE?

I have posted before about my love for the site  Have you been faithfully checking it?  I say, it would be foolish not too.  Foooooolish.  This past week there have been some swell freebies.  Along with the usual shampoo samples there are free coffee packets, free Dream water (what the heck is that, I say I might need some after my over-the-top dream last night!), a free tube bra (boo yeah) but probably the highest in value is the coupon for a free bottle of Excedrin!  I thank the Lord that I've never needed one of those, but my sweet hubby seems to get a Migraine every Saturday.  Seems to be the combo of going to bed late Friday night, waking up early to play 3 hours of hard basketball on an empty stomach Saturday morning....  and then oh man, I'm getting a migraine...  So if you are prone to these, head on over to and get yourself some o' that free Excedrin and "Hands Off TSA" bumpersticker (sheesh, I hope you don't get that, you could be the next shoe bomber!) or click here for the headache pills.
It appears this is another lesson in "YA SNOOZE, YA LOSE" cuz the tube bras are gone, and the Excedrin is temporarily out of samples......  But there are still plenty of other freebies on the site!

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