Friday, December 10, 2010

How much am I spending on my kids for Christmas?

Here's a hint.  Last year we went to the dollar store.  My three year old got a hat and glove set that he just ooooed and ahhhhhed over, and my one year old got a little wind up man on a bike that rode across the floor and provided hours of entertainment.  They both shared a recorder and made beautiful (in their opinion) music.  Total amount spent?  FOUR DOLLARS.  They were tickled pink.  Seriously, Tobin didn't seem to care one bit that he didn't get the car he so badly wanted.  Like car as in, what is parked in our garage, not toy car (he made sure Santa knew that).  Anyways so I felt like we were really going all out this year with some nice gifts.  Tobin's four, and the  dollar store hat and scarf thing might not work out so well this time around.  So how much did we spend this year on our kids?  $10!  Total!   Tobin is getting a digital camera since he loves, loves, LOVES to take pictures, and Ty is getting a toy electric guitar.  Tori is only 8 months old, and can't decide if she wants to eat the (reused) box, the (reused) tissue paper, or the contents of the box first so she gets nothing.  And doesn't even whine.  Not a bit.  So how did we get by with nice gifts so cheap?  My hubby had his ten year anniversary working for the utility plant.  When those big milestones pop up, they get to take a little catalog home full of gadgets and trinkets that quite frankly, nobody really wants or needs, as was the case here.  So we picked out the digital camera and stashed it away in the closet to give Tobin for his birthday in June.  When June rolled around, we decided we didn't need to give him a gift since he was  already getting hundreds, or so it seemed, (that and I couldn't remember where I had stashed the camera).  So now it has come out of hiding and is under the tree.  An awesome but FREE present!  The guitar we got at Family Dollar for $10.  He'll love it.  Guaranteed. So total spent this year?  TEN DOLLARS!

Psssst.  You tell my kids what they're getting and you die.  Or get dropped kicked.  Or something scary like that.


  1. OK Kammy, I LOVE this:) We have ALWAYS done the less is more concept w/ our kids as well, and you know what? They are VERY thankful for everything they get. Which is a lot more than I can say for SOME kids that I have seen who get everything under the sun. I know parents who go in debt at Christmas, CRAZY!! But you MAY have to step it up a BIT as they get older, as instead of $10 total, like $10 per kid.

  2. Just wanted to say, it has been great reading your blog. I can relate with many of your ideas and some time you really crack me up. Love your creativity. I think that my kids get enough from the rest of their relatives that they don't need much from Mark and I. It is more difficult as they get older though - they want higher priced items. I have been doing a lot of deal shopping online.

  3. Andrew just got his catalog of things to pick for his 10 year anniversary at work too...I agree, nothing in there we really need or want! Good job on the camera for Tobin!!


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