Friday, December 31, 2010

Rocking Horse Before and After

I can't for the horsey life of me find my original  "BEFORE" picture, so this one with Ty, the horse,  and his banky will have to do.
Can you tell I've been ambitious this week??  I was browsing a few weeks ago on my favorite blog of all times, BetterAfter, when I saw a before and after of a rocking horse.  Low and behold, I found one the NEXT DAY in a thrift store.  They were asking $45, which was down from $60 the lady told me!  I think NOT.  What part of "thrift" don't you understand, people?  Fast forward a few weeks and I'm in Goodwill out in Iowa with my mom and what do I see?  A pretty wood rocking horse, looking at me.  Rocking horse, rocking horse, what do you see?  A crazy lady that has obviously been to one to many early childhood conferences!  Crazy lady, crazy lady, what do you see?  Annnnd I'm done.  Anywoo,  let's just say it was a bargain.  I snatched it up and have been itching to do something with it.  Here's the before and after of Mr. Rocking Horse.
I tried to mix a brown paint that would be similar to the previous color so it would be easy to cover.  The contrast color is actually a light blue/green (though it looks white in the picture).

Update:  Just realized today that I'm a follower of the blog that did the original rocking horse that inspired me!  It was done before I became a follower apparently!  But she does some AWESOME stuff and it's all about making "trashed" furniture into something beautiful. You know I'm all about that!  Check her out at  Curbside Creations - I promise you'll love what you see!


  1. That is so cute!! I love the picture of the little one though.

  2. Thanks!! I found the original rocking horse pic, but after reading your comment, I'll leave the one with the little guy. :)


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