Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ugly Melted Candle Lamp Before and After

My friend told me to keep an eye out for a lamp she could redo for her baby room.  This is what I came home with.  She was less than thrilled.  "It looks like a big melted candle perched on top.  Thanks, but no thanks Kammy, it's just too weird."  No problem, I said.  I'll do something with it.
So last week while in Iowa I got to visit my beloved Hobby Lobby store with my beloved friend Tiffer Spiffer.  They have the most beautiful lamps.  However, the price tag isn't so beautiful!  I got inspired.  I can do that ribbon-thing-on-the-lampshade!  So take this plain white lamp shade, ugly melted candle lamp, and some stretchy black pin stripe fabric - add it all together and you get......

A BEAUTIFUL "HOBBY LOBBYISH" LAMP!!!! Well, maybe not quite as beautiful, but minus the massive price tag anyway!  I put an antique broach from my grandma in the middle of the knot.  This lamp is for sale.  However, if you buy it the broach stays with me!  Sorry, Charlie.

I like feedback - it helps with future projects! :) If you don't like, please tell me why!


  1. Kammy I LOVE how the base turned out!. Great way to save money. Jenn

  2. take the ribbon off it cheapens it

  3. So you have got to know I am laughing my you know what off right now! I am loving that you linked all of these fabulous pieces. Anonymous up there clearly has no taste. I love the ribbon accent. I will have to try this with some old vintage scarves I have.....

    Take care,


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