Monday, January 31, 2011

Music Cabinet turned Baby Cabinet

 This came out of my mother-in-law's Dad's house.  I was pretty excited to inherit it!  If you don't know (as I didn't!), it is a cabinet to store sheet music in.  If I'm wrong, correct me.  But that's what I was told and who am I to argue?  When I went to paint this, I decided to do a really good job and scrape off all of the old finish.  It took me hours to scrape just the top off!!!  I multi-tasked though by doing the job outside in the sun so I could get a tan while I worked. :)  I decided not to do the rest and just paint over the finish since it was so hard to get off.  I couldn't BELIEVE IT.  It went over the old finish like magic.  But the part I scraped off???  After about seven coats, a pinkish hue still showed through!  Needless to say, I've learned my lesson about doing some things the "right way" (which really end up not being the right way afterall!).
I replaced the chunk of wood that latched the door shut with an antique wood button.  I guess I should have painted that white too, huh! oops.

It is the perfect piece of furniture in my baby's room.  See that cute little box for holding all those baby socks on the bottom right?  Some kleenex boxes are just too cute to toss, so I have to try to use them somewhere. :)  I just cut the opening bigger and it's just the perfect little "sock box".


  1. What a beautiful cabinet. You've got quite a find there! :)

  2. That is Gorgeous!!! I love it.
    And it is SOOO economical!!



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