Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before and After of Mom's Chair

My mom had a chair.  It was a nice stately chair.  Looks more like a Dad chair.  Like the Papa Bear chair in the Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  For someone who says they "hate" reupholstering, she sure has a lot of reupholstered stuff in her house.  I know when I hate something, I generally avoid doing it.  Like cleaning my house.  Just kidding......  Or am I?

I'm lovin' the geometric pattern she chose.  I'm glad she left it wood - I'm a painting fiend, and probably would have destroyed the value of this chair by giving it a good couple coats of Valspar!  Good job, Mom.  Teach me how to reupholster, perty please!


  1. this chair was my grandmothers. She bought it as an antique, so it is pretty old. When my grandparents had to move off the farm this chair was put on the auction. As I listened to the auctioner trying to get a decent bid I decided I had to buy it! I'm glad I did.

  2. Thanks, Mom, I didn't know that. I'm sure you told me but I forgot.... :)


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