Thursday, August 11, 2011

Elephant Walk Vanity Bench Before n' After

Another Jackson Resale Factory find (Make sure to pay them a visit if you live in Jackson County, MI - I was just in there this week and WOW,  if it weren't for my three little munchkins, I could have spent a few hours in there!  By the way, if you do go, please tell them I sent you!!!).  This is a bench that goes with a vanity, but I haven't gotten the vanity finished yet so all you're getting today....  is the bench.                                               
I don't know WHAT the previous owners were thinking.... covering it with an ugly pillow sham???  Then again, maybe it was a beautiful pillow sham when they did it.  At any rate, I guess they thought it was better than having this:
Some little two year old got their hands on daddy's stash of pens and had a great time scribbling on the white vinyl top!!!  Yup, guess covering it up with a pillow sham was easier than trying to get ink off!

I loved the sleek shape of it and no other color but black seemed to suit it.  But nothing in my chest full of fabric seemed appropriate for the cushion.  Then I found this upholstery fabric on clearance at Hancocks and my mom talked me into it.  The title of the fabric?  Elephant Walk.  I think it suits the piece splendidly,  eh?  (My 5 year old is always asking me if I'm Canadian, haha).

Close up of "Elephant Walk".  Hopefully the vanity pic will be coming soon!  In all honesty, it would probably be done, however I pulled the drawers half out to paint them and it got SUPER DUPER humid and I can't make the budge!  Not even a millimeter!!!!  Help!!!  So until I can get the wood drawers to slide either in or out, there it sits.  Hmph.



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