Saturday, August 13, 2011

Funky n' Fun Flower Lamp Shade

Figured I wasn't much since I only spent 10 CENTS on this lampshade at a yard sale the other day.  Stopped on my way home from the boy's swimming lessons and a dime was about all I could find in the van!!!  So unprepared was I - never leave home without a stash of quarters, Kammy!!!  shame, shame. (especially since the sale also had the two perfect chairs I've been looking for for my front porch!  $5 for both!  grrrrr).  Anyways,  I took about about a dozen white roses and a few other white flowers apart and hot glued one layer of them all over the shade.

Once the shade was covered, I took it outside and sprayed the entire thing with silver spray paint.

Ooooooooo la la close up.

Wish I had a before of the lamp base - it was black and gold - which I painted turquoise and then put a silver glaze over the top.  The lampshade was PERFECT for it!  It's been sitting without a shade for too long.  $15.... any takers?

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