Thursday, October 6, 2011

Decorative Pitcher Before and After

I think I like the photography happening with this before pic better than how it turned out!  I'm not much of a photographer, so when I get a really good one, I'm stoked! This old decorative pitcher is probably almost a foot tall.  I honestly can't remember if I dug this out of my Grandma's basement or at a garage sale!  It's been in the chicken house for quite some time.  Until today when I became a painting fiend and painted about everything in sight!  No joke, I have enough blog material to last me weeks from today!  And you should see little Tori.  She looks like she could have been one of my projects too - she had streaks of gray, turquoise, and red paint on her cheeks today!  Toddlers and paint - phew!

Anyways, if you've been following my blog for long, this is no surprise to you!  I've done it before on other stuff.  Paint it turquoise (which was painstaking since my spray paint can was clogged so I had to brush it into all the crannies) and then brush silver glaze lightly over the top.  Gorgeous.  But then, isn't everything turquoise gorgeous??

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  1. What a cool look--I never would have thought to paint it blue (and I'll bet it did take forever with a brush!)

  2. It is gorgeous! Looks so much better and I love the turquoise colour. The silver paint is such a lovely touch too.


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