Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Mean Mom and Chore Charts

A family friend gave my boys each a $10 gift card to Toys R Us for their birthday.  I tucked them away in a special spot until the time came for us to use them.  THEN.  I went to Heather's house (owner of Design With Life).  She had chore charts up for her kids, and when they filled their charts, they got something special.  Well, I thought it was about time we did something like that!  So I decided their "something special" would be getting to use their birthday gift cards.  "When you fill your charts, you get to go to Toys R Us and spend your gift cards!!!!"  The boys were very enthusiastic about this!  However, when I told my softy sister what we were doing, she was disgusted.  That's totally cruel and inhumane!  You shouldn't have to work for a birthday present!  You're such a mean mom!  Unfair, cruel, heartless!!!!  Give them their gift cards!!!!  Sorry Aunt Karly, you just want to be the favorite aunt, I know.  :)
So our big mistake was this: we made the chartss waaaaaaaay tooooooooo big.  They have been working on filling in these babies for a couple of months now. (Probably because when they were naughty I removed a sticker, so it was 2 steps forward, 3 steps back!). I'm pretty sure my 3 year old had lost all hope of ever getting to Toys R us.  Then today was the day.  They got them filled!  I think Daddy was more excited than they were to go pick out something.  And then this.
A little arm reached out from their play nook unpstairs.... and scribbled with markers all over the ceiling.  The gift cards will be staying in their special spot just a tad longer.
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  1. oh dear, haha, sounds familiar from when we were kids, never hurt us a bit...maybe even taught us the value of things gained from hard work.

  2. that last picture looks like the "marker" was more of a "paint" by mom on the computer :-p

  3. haha, yup! Cuz by the time I got a camera, Daddy had already furiously scrubbed it off! :)


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