Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Pizzazz For My Wall

Does anyone know what to call that?!  Cuz I don't!  We were thinking maybe it was a decorative piece for a garage door.  At ANY rate, Debra my craft room lady, snatched it up at Jackson Resale Factory for two bucks. (BTW, the above shot is the craft room just after ripping up carpet.  It's come a loooong way, baby!) I thought she bought it for herself and was superly duperly pleasantly surprised when I walked into my craft room one day and saw this:

Talk about thinking oustide the box!  I sure wouldn't have thought of that anyway.....
Thanks, Debra, for having great vision!  I loooooooove it!!!

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  1. Love it! What a great idea! P.S. It snowed here last night and we had a 2 hr delay this morning. Yuck.

  2. yum!
    that is a fantastic way to use that thing.....whatever it is! i love the color you picked too:)

  3. Looks cool like that and I think the proper name for it is "Pizzazz For Walls" . Haha! sounds good to me anyway!!


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