Monday, November 7, 2011

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesdays #5

Hellooooooo Trashy Peeps!  Well that didn't exactly sound nice.  How about, Helloooo ya'll who find the treasure potential in trash!  You guys are the bomb dot com!  And I'm inviting you to join in our party today!!!

 If you've recently become a follower, there's a Panera Bread Gift Card happening this week - click HERE to get entered!! 

Let's begin with some features from last week.

First up the post with the most (clicks): 

These. are. so. awesome.  This genius mama, aka Brittany, took some old scuffed up shoes and covered them in... duct tape!  That's right...  don't believe me?  Check them out for yourself!! 
And next up was one of my FAVORITES.  I luvest Shari's chair.

And last but not least, is Heather's fan.  People.  When will you realize you DON'T have to live with ugly ceiling fans????  And you also don't have to  fork out money to buy a new one!!!  Check out her before and after of a once ugly osculating air mover.  

And now it's your turn to share what trash you've turned into treasures!!!  Please play by the rules! :)


1. You MUST be a GFC follower of Kammy's Korner (click "join this site" on the right)
2. Place the Party button found on the right sidebar either on the post you are linking up or in your linky list on your blog. 
3. Your post MUST be a trash to treasure and link directly to your post, not your blog.

Now, get lost in the world of creativity and don't forget to leave some comment love for those linking up!!


  1. Hi Kammy! Thanks for featuring my zebra shoes! And thanks for hosting too!

  2. Kammy, I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and for the invitation to join your party. I just did and I also became your new follower. Love your blog!
    Thank you for hosting!

  3. Hi Kammy!!! Thanks so much for visiting!! And, thanks a million for the invite! I'm happy to link up!

  4. Hi Kammy-thanks again for the invite...I will always link up for you :)

  5. Thanks for hosting...I'm a new follower and I appreciate your stopping by my blog and inviting me to the party! Your family is beautiful...

  6. Thanks for featuring my fan!! You make me laugh. Those duct tape shoes are awesome! I luvest that chair as well...

  7. Kammy, thank you so much for visiting The Turner Five. Thank you for hosting this party, you have done a fabulous job on your blog :)


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