Monday, November 7, 2011

Spanking Paddle

When I gave the man my quarter for this wooden paddle at his garage sale, he said "that'll make a good spanking paddle.".  I said," oooo good idea!  I was going to paint it but now that you gave me that idea...."  He gave me a horrified look and I thought I'd better get our of there before he called Protective Services on me!  I did tell my kids that's what I bought it for (though I never did use it), and it struck terror into them every time I mentioned I was going to get the spanking paddle.  You can imagine there excitement when they saw me paint it, hang a price tag on it, and stick it in the box for my goods to sell at Fabulous Darling!
It got a coat of sky blue, a free Valspar sample I got from a while back.
Then I stenciled on the word "Welcome" with a dark gray.  I started running out of room for the letters so I had to crunch!
If you're careful, you can move the stencil around to make the letters much smaller than they are intended to be!  Like the "E".  I think I shrunk it about 40%!!  And you didn't even notice, did you?  Or maybe you did....

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