Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feed Sack Stockings

It's beginning to look like CHRISTMAS around the Wielenga household!!!
Remember a while back when I paid $11 for that whole stash of goodies???  See that big pile of feed sacks?  I tried bleaching them, washing them, running in the rain with them.... but I think the staining got worse instead of better!  I'm quite sad as I had high hopes of using them on chair cushions, pillows, etc.  (Ideas, anyone?)
I found one pretty good one, and laid an old stocking on top for a pattern.  I used the corner so I would only have to sew on side.
Turned it inside out, and sewed 'er up.
For the edge on the folding down top I braided three strands of jute and hot glued them on.
Made another jute braid for a handle and sewed it on (back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... so it's real sturdy!)  If you're going to do this, make sure you don't sew it to both sides.   Not that I ummm did that or anything...  
Then stenciled the names of all my lil' chillin's in a dark gray down the side...
And there you have it.  A hole in the heel of Ty's and everything!  How fitting, as that's usually how his socks look!  Tobin's pretty sure these aren't real stockings because they aren't red.
Hope ya'll are taking time to sit in front of a toasty fire and sip some hot chocolate with your loved ones!!!

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  2. I made a pillow out of a striped feedsack like that one, but I like the stocking idea, too!

    Not sure if soaking the other feedsacks in the following 'recipe' for stain removal will work on them or if it would remove the printing, but it works well to whiten yellowed or dingy gray cotton fabrics.

    Add to a full washer of hot water:
    1 c. powdered dishwasher detergent (check for high % of phosphate)
    1 c. regular chlorine bleach
    Agitate to dissolve detergent, then add fabrics
    & soak overnight.

    For less than a washer load, soak items in a 5 gal plastic pail using proportionately less powdered dishwasher detergent & chlorine bleach. Make sure the bucket is out of reach of children or pets~

    After soaking overnight, rinse well & wash as usual to remove any traces of chlorine.

  3. They are darling and look perfect on your mantle! Love the jute!

  4. Ha ha! My "T" guess was right! But not too sure what happened to my original comment! :)

  5. I love your home-spun and re-purposed stockings! You are so clever! That chair looks pretty good too-have you done anything with it yet?

    I have actually just posted about Christmas stockings on my Christmas blog. Please pop by if you have 5 minutes to spare-I would be honoured if you could link up this post!

    Best Christmas wishes,


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