Friday, March 9, 2012

Mom's Shabby Chic Guest Room

 Let's have a wee little tour of my mom's guest room, shall we?  I'm exciting, because when I come home to visit, this is the room me and the hubby get!  Which is good, because the antique bed in the other room just didn't work well for my 6'2" hubby who had to sleep diagnol...  and though I'm a whole 4'10", that just didn't work well.  I need LOTS OF ROOM.
Mom and I found these while out garage saling one day.  She had been wanting some to paint white for her  guest room.   Of course, we tackled that project together when I was out visiting last summer. :)  We work well together.  Most of the time. 
If my mommy-brain can remember correctly, she had wanted to use them for a headboard, but well, that just didn't work with the placement of the bed so I decided they'd probably look great on either side of the window.  They did.  (Well, in my opinion.  But I ain't no interior designer, either.)  It's too bad we can't paint the woodwork white to match...  but Dad would HAVE. OUR. HEADS.  Notice how Mom continued the wall paint up into the ceiling a bout a foot?  It gives the illusion of higher ceilings, or something like that.  Or maybe it just plain breaks up a boring ceiling!  I'm anti boring ceilings.  
She has a great stash of old quilts from her grandma, displayed on a rustic wood bench.  The pillows are made from antique flour sacks.  And you know what?  She used to sew me outfits out of those old feed sacks.  Out of curiosity, did any of you have to wear clothes made from flour sacks?!  I'm still bitter about it.  The fabric was not soft.  Quite stiff, actually. And when we had a week camping trip to Yogi Bear Park with my beloved Great Uncle and Aunt, Jim and Jan Sluiter, the unthinkable happened - I forgot my swimsuit!  And Mom made me wear my flour sack outfit swimming.  It's a painful memory.  Let's not dwell on it.  Next picture!

One wall is a collage of white antique frames over the desk.  Love it.
And this was neat, so I just had to share.  Mom bought the pillow on the right at a garage sale for 50 cents and when she got home she opened it up in the back and this cute little vintage Iowa pillow was tucked inside!  Bonus!  Two for the price of one!  You just never know what treasures you'll find garage saling!
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And I can't leave without sharing this with you.  My mom used to paint to help put food on the table back in the 80's when times were tough and Dad got laid off from John Deere.  This is one she did years ago on some old barn wood.  Right now it's just propped against the wall in the guest room, but I think the colors go great, even if the seen might be a tad old school.  Doesn't she do a great job?!  If she was a patient teacher, I just might be able to paint like that.  Haha, just kidding Mom....

And since we're all into the vintage mood after this post, go check out one of my sponsors who has an AWESOME assortment of vintage goodies for great prices in her Etsy shop, including fabric (maybe from feed sacks? ;)),  shabby wooden shakers, drawer pulls, and more.  

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  1. What a sweet room. That is a lovely collection of quilts that your Mother has.Icould sleep peacefully here too.

  2. I love the way you two used the shutters. The curtains look great there as well.

  3. I love your mom and her house! Such a beautiful, welcoming place! Love this room - and what a great idea to continue the wall color up the ceiling! I may have to try that. :) Say hi to your mom for me! :)


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