Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rather Revolting Rocker Redone!

One of the 8 or so furniture projects I had/have going all at the same time - finished one to post!  Woo hoo! :)  And best of all?  This was TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!  100% free for this here project.  Yessirrreeeee.
This Rocker was in rough shape.  Like had been chewed up and clawed to death by an angry teething Pit Bull.  It was at a garage sale where I got some UH-MAZING bargains - like dining room chairs for a dollar each, an old swinging wooden cradle for $8, a coffee table for $3 which you can see HERE, and more but I can't remember right now!  I do remember I had to drive home with the gate up in the mini van! 
So guess what?!  I hadn't even made an offer.  I was studying it over and thinking wow, it's pretty gross....  Then the super sweet lady told me it had been sitting on their front porch for years and I could just have it.  Well shucks, just have it?  Ya KNOW I can't turn down free! 
It was actually kind of scary to touch the fabric.  I wasn't sure what was all hidden in those cushions.  I decided no cushions was a good idea.  Plus, who knows how to recover cushions?  Yeah, probably most of you creative bloggers.  But not me.  I wait until my mom visits and have her do those jobs for me.  Luckily, I had enough fabric scraps left over from my conversation chairs that I could cut out a square piece to replace what was covering the foam and springs.
Oh, and then there was the case of the missing arms and the half circle holes along the sides of the seat.  I decided to take my circular saw and the jigsaw to it.  I couldn't get it super straight, but I tried.  Also, couldn't get as far in as I would have liked since the back stopped me.  Hmph.  Hey, I was proud of my power tool usage anyway.   I'm workin' on my skills.
Since there were still some gaps on the sides, I scrounged around and found the most ancient looking can of Miracle Wood Filler EVER.  I highly doubted it would still be usable.  But it was.  It's sure not professional looking by any means.  I was too impatient to apply it in stages. And I made the monstrous mistake of using my bare fingers to get it into place.  It dried on me hard and FAST.  As I said yesterday, I felt like Pinocchio praying for the Blue Fairy to come turn me into a real boy!  Except a girl, of course.  Although being a boy would sure have it's perks - but we won't start any wars today.
Little Miss Muffet kept climbing in the chair during my photo shoot.   Okay fine, just one shot...

And I figure since it's had a home on a porch for so long, I'll keep the hair in her comfort zone and plop her on my front porch.  It desperately needs a pick-me-up and I think this chair will be the start!  (Plus, don't think I want it in my house!  yikes!)

Oh, and I don't know WHERE that orange paint came from.  I found an old looking quart of it stashed away in the cupboard.  Thought I'd try a new furniture color.  Hey, use what you got!  I got it, I gotta use it!  So there ya have it, free, free, freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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  1. You're right, it was revolting. Much better now. Nice job.

  2. Very pretty - great redo! I would love for you to stop by my Creative Inspirations party to link it up! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. That looks pretty dang good for being a freebie!! I can't wait to see a picture of it on your porch!

  4. Wow you really transformed this! It looks great!

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