Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lilly's Antique Dresser by Karly (My lil' Sis)

My little sister had her second baby.  We all loaded up the mini van and headed West to the rolling hills of Iowa to cuddle, tickle, photograph, and fight over our new little niece/cousin. She is Darling.  Perfect. Beautiful.  I want another one!!!!! 
 (Oh dear!!  No, Kammy!)
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Me and my sweet and sleepy little niece.
My Terrible Twos Tori turned into Miss Meek and Mild and something inside her kicked into high nurturing-mama gear and she wanted to hold her baby cousin 24/7.  Quite a surprise!
 SO ALL THAT to say....  Big sister Lilly is getting booted from the nursery soon because of Little Miss Attention Stealer, so mama Karzanny has been painting some old furniture for her "big girl" room.  Today I'll just give you a sneak peakage of the old antique dresser.

Check out the hodge podge of drawer knobs!!
And yes, it's missing a few accent wood pieces, but doesn't it look SO CUTE now?!!!!  And I love how she painted her black little cat statue blue.  
She picked these knobs up at Hobby Lobby on sale for a buck each!  Yes!

Another sneak peak of the room....  there's the dresser tucked back in the corner.  More on Lilly's room to come - like the bed and curtains!!!!  It's so cute and I can't wait to show you all!!!!


  1. the baby is beautiful and so is the this transforamtion! I love little girl rooms!!

  2. It looks great white and I love the pink knobs, Kammy. Gotta love those knobs at Hobby Lobby! What a cute addition to the family ~ congratulations Auntie! : ) Looking forward to seeing more of the Big Girl room.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful transformation. So precious!

  4. I like the white with pink knobs! Now I can't wait to see the total bedroom transformation!

  5. Absolutely beautiful baby dresser!


  6. Hodgepodge is right, and not in a good way! Looks beautiful now!!! Love the pic of the cousins together, so sweet, congrats :)


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