Friday, June 1, 2012

My Blogless But Creative Friends #2

Every so often over here on this here Korner, I'm going to start showing off some of my peep's creative ideas that don't have blogs of their own to share them on.  (If you missed the last time I did this, go HERE to check out some clever friends of mine). So enjoy as I thief their pics off of facebook - some with permission and some without, tee hee.  Check out some of my clever friends!!

 And just WHAT exactly did Miss Laura Netti make with this old wood pallet?  Why, a chair of course! :)

Pretty sure she could paint those bright funky colors, sell them, and settle down for an early retirement in Aruba.  And pay for my plane tickets to come visit of course - in exchange for  a little free advertisement!
 Hey Meghan Decker Checker, I ran into your mom when she was buying leopard duct tape for you and the project looks even cooler than what she was describing to me.  How fun! Which reminds me, they have some COOL designs I had never seen before on clearance tonight at JoAnn's for 1.99!!!!!  25 yards of it too!!!  It was an off brand, but I snatched up several rolls.  Can't wait to go to town!  I think I'll do myself some fun shoes!!!

Okay seriously.  I grew up with the mastermind behind this super fantastic drool-worthy nursery.  I ran across this pic one day in Hillary Aspenson's (Dempster)  facebook albums.  I instantly wanted to redo my baby girl's room.  I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.
And one more quick one from Hillary, she recovered an oatmeal container with fabric and keeps all her  (CUTE) daughter's headbands on it.  Seriously, Mom?  You had to throw away all those oatmeal containers I was saving in my craft room?!!!

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Are you one of my blogless friends that has a neat creation you want to share with Kammy's Korner's readers, stalkers, picture skimmers, trash talkers, etc???  Then tag me on a FB pic.  I'll consider it!  But no promises....  like your coyote covered barn might not make it.  Wait a minute, that was AWESOME, Dan!
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  1. The little girls room and the oatmeal container with headbands was done by Hillary. Wish I was crafty.


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