Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Childhood Bed Gets Transformed For Lilly

Meet the "new" bed.
And now meet Lilly.

 This is my niece.  She's so beautiful that my sister gets accused of putting make up on her!
If you live anywhere near Cedar Falls, IA by the way, you have GOT to check out Jenny at Forever Now Photography who does an amazing job capturing the personality - in the most beautiful and unique way -  of each client.  And I know the word "amazing" gets overused these days, but this is one photographer who's talent and skills are fully deserving of the word!!!!  
Now back to the bed.

Yes, this is the bed I slept in for years.  With my little sister.  We had many late night squabbles and chit chats in that bed.  And when we moved to a bigger house and got our own rooms...  it was quite common to hear "Are you asleep yet? " and if there was answer, one of us would grab our pillow and hop in bed with the other for a late night chat before we slipped into dream land.  Aren't those great flowers on the headboard?  Ugh.  It has a huge matching dresser....  which I'm waiting to post about because my "I'll get to it 5 years from now" sister still hasn't scraped the paint off the mirror.  I think some painters tape would be in order for her next project!
So one day I hop on Facebook and there's a notification from my sister.  "Will you come help me paint the bedroom set white?  Pleeeeeease????"  We live seven hours apart mind you.  I called her and gave her a big pep talk.  You're a big girl, you can handle it.  And guess what?  She did.  :)  Who knew that ugly old bed from the 80's could look so darn cute?!

Pretty little room for a pretty little Lilly.
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Click HERE to see Lilly's antique dresser.
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  1. Oh my, many memories of all our sleepovers! Don't forget about those crazy minks you had on that bed!! Good job!!

  2. Oh my gosh ~ she is beautiful, Kammy! I'm talking about your niece, although the bed turned out pretty good looking, too. : ) How nice that this bed has a history and a new life. I'm sure it will get many more years of use.

  3. Look at her beautiful eyes!!
    and great transformation by the way. I think that bed has seen better days ;)

  4. Kammy, that is a really sweet bedroom (for an even sweeter girl). Thanks for sharing with your readers!

  5. cute and those flowered pillows are beautiful!

  6. So cute! I love the way that fresh finish brought new life into your old bed! What's even better is you get to pass on the great bed with all the great stories that go with it!

  7. Wow - what a makeover! It looks fantastic!

  8. The bed looks beautiful! It is perfect in white! I love the houndstooth curtains too. So pretty! And your niece is a peach!

  9. it looks so light and pretty, and oh my is that lily gorgeous! why does her mom put mascara on her? ;) ha ha i am kidding! :)

  10. LOVE this post!

    My sister and I shared a bed until our big sister moved out - then had seperate bedrooms and very rarely did we sleep apart after that - we were just used to one another.

    There's nothing like having a BFF sister.

    As for the transformation, it is amazing....

    But WOW that Lilly is a true beauty, sheesh she is lovely! What a sweet little angel!

  11. Love the change. It looks so fresh and new painted white.

  12. Great job on the bed, what a cute room. But Lilly has to be the most beautiful little girl, she is stunning. The eyes are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing...


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