Sunday, June 3, 2012

Maran's Double Distressin' and Living Room Before and After

If you been hangin' on the Korner for awhile, you know about my pretty down-right-steller friend Maran.  We grew up together in Iowa, both married Michgander boys and were supposed to live happily ever after together in the same state.....  and then her and her man up and moved to the Windy City.  Humph!  But she's got some pretty swell DIYs and today I'm going to share with you her coffee table.  (She doesn't have a blog, so someone's gotta broadcast it, ya'll!)
Okay so obviously she's not a blogger since she doesn't have a before (can I get a yeah, yeah?) BUT she does have the rather remarkable "before" of her living room so you can see the drastic difference she's made!!!
No, I promise I didn't just take a picture out of Better Homes and Gardens.  That's my Mare Bear's living room.  
So after she painted the coffee table with the final coat - that amazing blue - she decided some distressing was in order.  Sandpaper alone just wasn't doing it for her and she knew it was going to get banged up by her toddler so she figured , why not just go all out?  And took the electric sander to it!  That's right, she just a good ole' hay day with the electric sander on her coffee table.  After all that nice painting.  She's a brave woman.  But I think it looks pretty great in her living room!  Way to go, girl!  (Again!)
Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and we'll see you here tomorrow night for another great Trash 2 Treasure Party!!!! (And a giveaway you DON'T want to miss!!!!!!)  Huckleberry Vintage..... hint hint.....
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  1. Wow, she did a great job on her living room, Kammy! You wouldn't know it was the same room in both pictures. Love her drapes and the table looks great. Might as well distress the heck out of it. Otherwise the kids will do it for her!

  2. That turned out fantastic - loving those striped drapes! Thanks for sharing...

    visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays - Rhonda @ home.made.

  3. Wow, she did a great job! The table is wonderful :)


  4. Oh, that is beautiful. I'm a sucker for stripes and blue. She's got talent.

  5. This is GORGEOUS! I especially love those curtains! Where did she get them? Did she make them? I have been looking for material just like that.

    Send my compliments to Maran since she doesn't have a blog.

    1. Hey Sarah! This is "Blogless Maran" lol :) I saw your sweet comment (and questions) and wanted to answer them for ya :) The curtains are from World Market and I think I paid around $20 each for them. I bought them several years ago (but I think they still have them) and just wanted a change. I bought Martha Stewart Craft/Fabric paint from Michaels for $1.39 each on sale (color is Gray Wolf). If you do this, you'll have to buy quite a bit b/c you need two coats per stripe. Just measure it all out, tape off your lines with NO LEAK painters tape and go to town, using any brush ya like. Pull off the tape after the second coat and you're good to go! OH, and HUGE tip: lay down a dropcloth or the paint will leak right through to your floor.

      I'll warn you, the painted sections feel stiff but I personally don't care b/c I'm the only one touchin' em. And I get more compliments on those than anything else. NO ONE can tell they're painted unless I tell them :) Good LuCk!! Hope you have fun with it!

      ~ Maran

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  6. Beautiful transformation! Love the striped curtains! I'm a follower now ~ just found you at Saturday Nite Special, would love to have you stop by when you have the time. Thanks for sharing ~ Judy @ addicted2homedecor

  7. I love those gray stripes curtains! sooo pretty!

    We are running a Before and After Link party to support Habitat for Humanity, with a chance to be featured on other big blogs and win gift cards. Would love if you entered!

  8. Fabulous room makeover. Love that table!


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