Thursday, July 12, 2012

Star Porch Planter

YAY!  Very excited to say that today my porch makeover is FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!  I celebrated with ice cream in Parma.  Okay, we would have gone there anyway.  So it's really close to our house, just two miles and my four year old decided he had to bike there with his training wheels instead of ride in the cart with his sister.  We had to leave the bike the at the ice cream shop and come back to get it.  But I'm quite proud of the little guy for making it almost the whole way there!  Anyways, on to my "new" planter on the porch!  Sorry, not giving you a full reveal just yet.  
So this is what it looked like when I bought it for ONE DOLLAR at the Jackson Resale Factory.  I found it while rummaged in the back of the factory, where I usually find my good junk, and asked my amigo Ben how much I could have it for and he said "A buck"?  Well shucks, I 'spose I can do a buck. :)  (Okay, so you don't get that good of prices there?  Tell them Kammy from the Korner sent you!)  Obviously it's been sitting on my very awful, scary, paint-peeling porch as a catch all. Quick, someone's coming over.  Throw it in the planter...
After painting it a nice aqua color, I lined it with plastic.  Good thing I'm a hoarder and keep EVERYTHING, including all large pieces of plastic that anything comes in.  Then I split and dug up a hosta and plopped him in there.  I needed quite a bit of dirt which meant a trip back to the pond with the little red wagon.  

It still needed something, and the idea of 3D was really sounding good to me.  Out came my favorite tool ev-ah,  a jigsaw!  (Thank you, Honey, thank you!!!!!  Such a great gift!)  I cut out a primitive looking star from a hunk of plywood and painted it yellow.  Then since I couldn't find my wood glue, I used tacky glue.  Yup, sure did.  We'll see if it weathers the storms of life.  

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And since I'm on a yellow kick at the moment, I went and visited some of my sponsors and found some great yellow items!!! :)  These are GREAT buys and remember the owners of these Etsy shops are people just like you.  Well, perhaps nobody could be that weird.  But you know what I mean.  BUY LOCAL! :)  Click on the picture to take you to the shop they belong in.
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  1. Nicely done, Kammy! Great planter for a buck! : ) It looks great on your porch and I can't wait to see the whole reveal. That's such a pretty blue you've been using; I'm sure you've created a "cool" atmosphere.

  2. LOVE IT KAMMY! So cute! I may just copy you! ;) Sorry, I was so busy last weekend!!! We will have to plan another time! Wasn't ignoring you... Meant to reply, then forgot until after you were already home. Forgive me??? I'm a bad, bad blogger friend. :(

    You would have been so proud of me yesterday... Went to look at some tables left over from an estate sale... She wanted to $200 for the lot of them. I got em all for $62.50! 3 small Ethan Allen end tables (FREE!), a sewing desk, a sewing table, 2 round tables, 1 gate leg table, and an octagon end table. WHOOT! I thought to myself... "Kammy would be patting me on the back for this one!" LOL!!!

  3. Neat planter - and I'm equally impressed with the fact that the plant in it is alive! I have a couple of rockin' planters too, but what they are containing is not so impressive. Can't go wrong for a buck!

  4. Oh Kammy, this is beautiful! Can't believe it was a buck! You can already tell your porch is gorgeous ;)

  5. What a great deal and a great makeover. Well done!

  6. well that is just adorable, too! i just love the colors!

  7. Came over from Transformation because I love turquoise and stars. You have both on that cute planter. How welcoming!

    Distressed Donna Down Home


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