Thursday, December 6, 2012

Have some vision! {Nightstand for Ava}

 My friend messaged me on Facebook wondering if I had anything that would make a good nightstand in her little niece's room.  Of course, I have a few things, but nothing that really jumped out at me.... except maybe this one:
She was all excited while we walked out to the barn to see what I had.  I saw the look of near-horror cross her face when I showed her this table and said I thought it would be the perfect thing.  Her excitement was gone and her steps a little slower as we headed back to the house, carrying this lovely  table from the '70s.  She was not convinced - and I could tell - though she was much too sweet to voice her thoughts to me at the time!
 We started out by painting the whole thing with homemade chalk paint (basically dumping Plaster of Paris into white paint and stirring it up real good).  I ended up spray painting the drawers white since it was so hard getting into all those nooks and crannies.  The faux black leather top got the same mixture, only pink, and when it dried I used sandpaper to sand all the edges and crevices of the table to highlight the details and "shabby chic it up".
The top was a bit of a stumper, but I decided on putting little Ava's initials on the top to make it her "own".
Did I have a stencil anywhere near the size I wanted?  No.  And I'm a stencil girl.  Free-hand and transfers scare me!!
So I found a font online of what I had in mind and printed the "M".  Only it printed it in the middle of four sheets of paper!  What?!  I don't know what I'm doing most of the time on Publisher.

I had always thought the knobs were pretty ugly, but upon closer look... well BY GEORGE - they  have a flower on them!
Yes, we can totally rock those!  And now I love them.
Just used spray paint and then sanded off all the raised areas.
Oh.  How I love these once rather ugly knobs!

And, and don't forget to put some poly on them. :)

And since Ava's mommy kind of wanted a "conversation piece", it wasn't good enough to just stop there.
So I used my most favorite stencil ever and put it around the sides and back. 
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  1. Love it! You are an artist!!! And an amazing friend! I am so lucky to have you!!!

  2. That is really beautiful! You've done an amazing job. I've just finished some nightstands for my daughter's room too :)

  3. Kammy that is just gorgeous! Any little girl would love that! (This big girl sure does!)

  4. That's so cute! Love the initials on the top!

  5. Kammy, Outstanding! Those knobs are GORGEOUS and I LOVE anything monogrammed! great job girl!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  6. so sweet and one of a kind! bravo.

    hope you'll have a moment to stop by where i have a giveaway today

    peace to you.


  7. I painted this exact same table just a couple of months ago! I loved the little flower on the hardware! I will try to find a picture of it! Your version is so cute!


  8. Kammy, that before is HIDEOUS! But you made it sooooo cute! I bet Ava loves it!

  9. Love love love the monogram! Looks beautiful!

    Stopping by from Keeping It Simple!

  10. Holy moley! That so incredibly gorgeous! I'm pinning this, I could use one of my nightstands to be re done like this. I'm not sure I could get it to look as good as yours! Great job!

    Melissa @ The Alchemist

  11. Oh that is beautiful, the look of horror must have turned to delight! found you via primitive and proper


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