Friday, December 7, 2012

Blogless But Creative (Fouts) Friends #7

So today's Blogless 
but Creative Friends is a Mother/Son duo.  They did not work on these projects together, however, but they're both obviously super crafty so I thought it'd be fun to put their projects in a post together.
Chris and his wife Kelly are almost too cute to be true.

Chris Fouts made this awesome table. 
 Out of what you ask?

His parents' fence!
(it kinda looks like he made the table in the corner, too.  Did you make that one too, Chris??)

And now for mama Sharon.  We were chillin' in our friend Marie's basement craftin' up a storm while the guys were upstairs getting their underwear all in a bundle watching the Michigan/Ohio State game.
No, she didn't knit a pillow case.  She used an old sweater!
  I just love how she used the stripe around the hem to embellish the side of the pillow and the fact that the pockets are right in the middle for a good hand warmer is just downright brilliant.

You wouldn't believe how quickly she whipped that up, either.  I think I was on my second fabric flower when she had a whole pillow done!
Nice work, Christopher and Sharon. :)
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  1. They are certainly a talented pair. I love both projects!

  2. What a smart idea! My hubby and I have replaced many tops of old dining tables with reclaimed cedar fencing. Cute blog.

  3. love, love, love the table; it's perfect! sweater pillow is cute as a bug too.

  4. Hopped on over from MMS. Very nice work, enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for sharing.

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    White Oak Studio Designs/ Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Designs


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