Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monogrammed Feed Sack Stockings

I'm pulling this out of the archives and sharing with you the feed sack stockings I made for my kiddos last year.  You may skip this if you remember it from a year ago!  Kind of like when Mom tells the same story over, and over, and over....  just kidding, Mom!! :)

It's beginning to look like CHRISTMAS around the Wielenga household!!!
(Although the fireplace isn't even in this corner of the house anymore!)

Remember a while back when I paid $11 for that whole stash of goodies pictured above???  See that big pile of feed sacks?  I tried bleaching them, washing them, running in the rain with them.... but I think the staining got worse instead of better!  I'm quite sad as I had high hopes of using them on chair cushions, pillows, etc.  (update: thanks for all the great ideas on getting the stains out, readers!! 
 Have I tried any of them  yet?  One year later, no....  and so goes the story of my life.)
I found one pretty good one, and laid an old stocking on top for a pattern.  I used the corner so I would only have to sew on side.

Turned it inside out, and sewed 'er up.
For the edge on the folded down top I braided three strands of jute twine and hot glued them on.

Made another jute braid for a handle and sewed it on (back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... so it's real sturdy!)  If you're going to do this, make sure you don't sew it to both sides.   Not that I ummm did that or anything...  

Then stenciled the names of all my lil' chillin's in a dark gray down the side...
Hope ya'll are taking time to sit in front of a toasty fire and 
sip some hot chocolate with your loved ones!!!

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  1. Those are adorable, Kammy! Anything with feed sacks is so fashionable right now!

    I want to tell your readers that I had a stack of burlap sacks that were dusty, and I thought I would throw them in the dryer to "clean" them. Well, they started a small don't try that at your house, OK?

  2. Those are great! I love re-purposing anything and these are just perfect.

    I'd love if you linked these up at my Show & Tell party this week.

    Merry Christmas!

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