Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Melanie's First Furniture Makeover {Pink Lace Chair}

Okay so I hope Melanie doesn't poison my coffee or anything for posting this but I'd really like to introduce you to a cute and sweet girl who is boarding with us this year while she goes to a nearby university.  Of course, if you're going to hang around me much, you're going to have to do some projects!  Melanie decided to paint a chair.  I think she did a fabulous job for her first time ever making over an old discarded piece of furniture!  First, here she is with my three kiddos... who she can attest to are not as innocent as they look.  Especially the one on the left.  Just ask her. ;)


Here's what she looked like before she got all pretty....
I gotta tell ya that Melanie wasn't all the excited to pull out whatever was in that seat "cushion".

We decided it best to make a new seat cushion and I handed Melanie my jigsaw.  
First time she'd ever used one of those, too.
She did swell.

Once she cut out the shape, she covered it in a few layers of quilt batting for cushion and then white fabric, finished with a sheer aqua blue - all of which she stapled underneath and then secured the whole shabang on to the chair frame with screws.

Did I forget to mention she added this pretty lace for a special touch? It's stapled down on each end underneath the cushion, with a little hot glue down the center to keep it in place.

Beautiful detail......

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