Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crappy Cart Converts To Cute Coffee Console

It's about time I did something with this horrible looking black cart.
  I bought this for eight buckaroos at least three years or so ago.  Of course, it's just been chillin' in my barn with the rest of the furniture that's waiting for inspiration to hit me like a gnat to my eyeball when I'm on my bike. 

 Here's what this baby looked like when we started:

Okay, so it really looked like this, because it was a catch-all in my barn:

After giving it a good scrub-down, I got out my vintage paint remover.  I pulled this out of a garage sale "free box" once.  It's so old that I googled it and it doesn't seem to even exist anymore! We found out today that you can still purchase ribbon for typewriters.  So if that's available and not Kut-Kote, than I'm guessing this stuff is rather along in years.  Works like a charm, though!

My sweet mom and sweet daughter (wait a minute, did I just use "sweet", "mom" and "daughter" all in the same sentence?  Let's just pretend that's the honest truth and leave it) - one doing the work and one workin' quality control.

 I found these gorgeous knobs on clearance for around a dollar at Hobby Lobby awhile back.  Gotta love that store - not just for their awesome inventory, but for always standing up for what they, as a company, believe in.

 This checkerboard was another dollar deal at a yard sale.  Not only is it there for it's whimsical style it adds, but it hides a big "oops" where the walnut stain really got sucked in to a damaged spot in the wood top.

My aqua coffee mugs were fifty cents each from a thrift store in Waverly, Iowa called Trinkets and Togs.  So glad I bought those that day!!

First time I've ever had fresh hydrangeas!!!!  Man, I've always been jealous of other blogger's hydrangea pictures, haha.  These are compliments of the center pieces at my friend Natalie's wedding.

Aren't these old pails the best?!  I found them at an old abandoned farm.  Just had to clean them up a little and and take a hammer to the bottom so it would sit somewhat flat!

 My favorite metal bucket, the Angler's Choice pail that once held fishing worms, now is a great place to store my coffee.
Nevermind if something wiggles in your cup.
Extra protein and flavor.

This lined basket was actually something I just picked up a couple weeks ago for five dollars at the Resale Depot here in Jackson, MI.  It now holds packets of ice tea mix, creamers, teas, powdered malt, and any other drink mixes.  Pretty sure I have enough tea to last me until I'm at least eighty-seven.

I could be wrong, but I think my aunt Beth embroidered the tea towel as a shower gift before I got married.  Since her daughter Krista reads my blog faithfully, she'll have to make sure I got that info right! :)  And may I also just say that these towels are the only towels that actually dry dishes???  Those new little "dish towels" you buy in stores these days just don't do the trick.  It's "rub" verse "soak".  Same thing with bath towels.  There are those towels that seem to just rub the water around your body, and then the ones that actually soak up the drips runnin' down you.  I've found the more expensive the towel, the more it just rubs.  Anyways.  Done with the towel rant.  And thanks for the tea towels , Aunt Beth (I think!)!  I'm still using them!

One last shot at this rather dramatic before and after......

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  1. Love this! And thanks for the inspiration! I have an old cart (got it free!) that's been sitting on my back porch just catching stuff. It might be ready for a makeover very soon now that I've seen how pretty yours turned out. ;) I love Hobby Lobby too.

  2. Oh, Kammy! That is a fantastic makeover! I love it!! Girl... You got the eye. I would have passed that by in a heartbeat. LOL!!! Love ya and miss ya!

  3. I love it--I can't believe it is the same cart. I think the top is the perfect color wood now.
    I totally agree about what you are saying about towels--I use old beach towels instead of bath towels because they actually dry me!! And 5 year old hand towels from Wal Mart because nothing else works as good!

  4. Kammy it looks amazing! I seriously can't believe it's the same cart. I really love how you put it to great use for all your coffee/tea/chocolate needs. That is definitely something I could use if I had the space. And I too wish I had hydrangeas....we attempted to grow some and well I'm praying they'll do better next year hahaha.

  5. Love this, I always think Coffee spots are just so cute. Great re-do!

  6. Love how it turned out! I SOOOO need one of these in my house ;)

  7. I love what you have done. We are having a party starting at 7pm CST at:
    We would love for you to come and share your creativity!
    Thanks, Craft Frenzy Friday

  8. Looks wonderful! Came here via

  9. So cute! I found you on MMS.

  10. What a great transformation! I love that you are using it as a coffee station too. I'm still waiting for the right cart to come along so I can do that.

  11. How fun, I love this makeover and what a great coffee station. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that will go live Monday afternoon at 2:30PT. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  12. Now that is is pretty amazing redo! Love it! Thanks for sharing...found you on Feathered Nest Fridays! Love your blog! Come over and say hello! And join if you like! New follower! -Kennesha from Restoration House Interiors

  13. I'm, like 95% sure I used to have a cart just like that, but it wasn't painted. It was stained a natural oak color. Whoever had painted it black must have been drunk! :- 0 Anyways, you, your mom, and your daughter did an awesome job at refinishing it. I've always liked the half white/half stained look!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  14. You did an amazing job on this cart, I just love it. It is a gem and so darn handy.

  15. Wow! What a great transformation. So many people would have looked at the black cart and just trashed it. Great job! I love how you repurposed the old window, too.

  16. AMAZING!!!!!

    What a great transformation!!!! I love this idea how everything is in one spot!!!


  17. AMAZING!!!!!!

    I just love how you took something that would be deemed trash and made a great little coffee and
    tea cart!!! Very resourceful!!!!!


  18. Great transformation! I love your quality control....great job and adorable!

  19. NICE job.....looks wonderful.


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