Wednesday, October 2, 2013

w e d d i n g s.

Hello again!  It’s Becky, from over at the Logbook.  I just recently returned from a trip to Michigan for my sister’s wedding.  {And I just so happened to see Kammy as well!}  My whole family was in the wedding so the weekend was a bit of a whirlwind!  But all the same, I love weddings.

And by that I mean that I  L O V E weddings.  

I love all of the love at weddings.

I love the dress.  I love the grooms reaction to seeing his bride.  I love the commitment they make to one another, for a lifetime.  

{Don't they look like they belong in a wedding magazine?}

But second to all of this, I love the decorating!  There were lots of beautiful things to see at her wedding, but my favorite focal point was the head table.

The tassel garland was a huge project.  I will not lie, it took several hours.  We ended up with seven, six-foot long garlands to span the whole head table.  {big bridal party}

Because I have made tassel garland in the past I begged and pleaded my sister to buy the pre-cut kits.  This saved on time, but still each pom had to be rolled, fluffed, and secured.  

Isn’t my sister’s bouquet gorgeous?  It is made of hydrangeas, dusty miller and an additional cream flower.  The vase it is sitting in is an extra large glass canning jar, spray painted.  

My favorite part of the head table was the paper fan backdrop.  It was perfect.  Time consuming, but not very complicated.  And it definitely gave the head table a wow factor!  {I wish I had thought to take pictures along the way, but my only focus at the tie was to finish.}

To make the backdrop we started by purchasing seven sets of Martha Stewart’s paper fan kits.  {Watch for sales at JoAnn Fabrics.}  We assembled each one, with some hot glue for reinforcement.  

Then my dad and brother in law made a stand out of PVC.  It was a simple rectangle made the size we decided we needed, with legs at the bottom for a base.  

Next, we attached a piece of lattice from a home improvement store.  This was attached to the PVC with zip ties.  

Finally we laid out the paper fans, deciding on the pattern, and then hot glued them onto the lattice.

I’m really kicking myself for not taking pictures of the process.  If you are thinking of creating your own and have questions, feel free to contact me over at the LogBook.  I would love to help out!  

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  1. Great job Becky! I'm sure the rest of the wedding was just as beautiful!


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