Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's Gray and White, Old and Beautiful...

It's been beautiful weather for painting furniture!  So how about a before and after for your viewing pleasure and hopefully inspiration today?

Found this vintage dressing table (or vanity as I always called them) at a garage sale while on the way to the swimming pool with the kids one hot summer day.  It had a five dollar price tag on it so of course I couldn't pass it up!  I'm pretty sure the mirror was also attached to it... but let's not talk about that.

I made some homemade chalk paint out of some gray I had and painted it all.  The drawers were a difficult story.  They are also the reason this has sat in my barn for a couple years... I just didn't know how to tackle the drawer problem!  They were stuck in.  Like I could not pry, yank, pull them out.  Somehow my hubby and Dad managed to get them out.  I tried all the usual tricks to get drawers to slide such as candle wax, sanding, you name it, before whipping out my hubby's sawzall.  The thing is so big for my small hands - I had to duct tape down the safety button in order to operate it.  Guess they aren't meant for kids.  However, now that I know I can operate it, nothing shall stand in my way.  Mwahahaha.

Then I got out one of my stencils and some white paint and added a little decorative deliciousness to the front.

The front drawer looked way too bare, so I added a pull.  And in all actuality, this is not even a drawer pull.  It's a curtain finial I bought on clearance at Bed, Bath, and Beyond one long ago day.  I LOVE them for drawer pulls!!!!  Good thing I bought a massive stash of them that day.  They were like 50 cents for a pack of two.  Score and double score.

Can't even begin to remember where this mirror came from.  If you gave it to me, holler and I'll give you credit. :) 

It's not antique or anything, but it had the perfect rounded bottom to make it look great with this piece. 

Gotta love trying to take a picture of something that has a mirror.  No way no how to do it straight on without gettin' a selfie.

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TDC Before and After
TDC Before and After


  1. What a cool lfun dresser, you have done such a great job on it like you always do, you are just so talented and make the pieces just come back to life...come on over Kammy for a visit, would love to see a comment on what you think of my new post...

  2. Looks good and the mirror is a perfect fit!

  3. I wouldn't have known the mirror didn't come with it if you hadn't said so. Too bad you're not close to me. I have the hardware from the back of a vanity to attach mirrors like that. I'm not using it. .. :)
    Very nice.

  4. Wait, the Sawzall? How did you use it on the drawers?! Everything I've ever tried with a Sawzall ends up looking like a giant GOPHER chewed on it!

  5. Hi Kammy!
    I wanted to invite you to join my link party (goes live tonight) on Thursdays SWEET HAUTE Share link party. Would love you to share all your projects!!!

    ~Be Sweet
    Christina at


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