Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rachel's Easter Favors {Blogless But Creative Friends}

I've never been this early in my life!
Easter is well over a month away and look at me. 
Giving you something nice and ahead-of-time to pin so you'll have some great ideas for when April 20th rolls around.

There's no way to describe my friend Rachel in one blog post, so I'll just keep it simple and says she's uber creative and talented and made these for her sweet little girl and adorable little boy to hand out last year to their friends during Easter.  I stole these photos off her Facebook page.  I'm sure she won't mind.  Right, Rachel? :)

{ A Flower for your HARE }

{ donut holes as "Bunny Tails" }

Who wouldn't want to receive a Bunny Tail or something for their "hare" from these two adorable cuties?  Dude.  I think I'd take a fork full of mud from these kids!

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