Sunday, April 26, 2015

Barn Door Photo Decor

It was this winter, freezing cold out and for some reason Hubby was outside doing stuff in the garage.  I was trying to find the perfect way to display a family photo I had printed off at Wal Mart and just couldn't come up with anything that was tickling my fancy.  I asked him to find an old barn door or piece of big scrap wood for me if he'd be so kind and the next thing I know THIS is laying on my LIVING ROOM FLOOR:

Yup, dirt and all.  Actually, probably more like livestock poop.  I won't take a guess at which one, because it didn't have a  manure smell anymore.  One thing about growing up as a farm girl, you get good at making the distinction between goat manure, pig manure (the WORST), horse manure, cow manure (slightly comforting), and chicken manure.

After scraping it all off and giving it a thorough scrub, I found a piece of white poster board and using thumb tacks from the dollar store, attached it and the photo to the old chippy wood.  Then I braided some jute twine together to make it thicker and secured it on the back with screws.

Woo hoo for salvaged poopy old wood!

 Shout out to Josh Teo Photography, my Malaysian pal, who took our family photo.

Click here to see how this mantel was built from scraps.


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  1. Kammy, love your unique barn door photo display! Also, congratulate your hubs on designing & building the fireplace surround and mantle. Please don't pay any attention to those negative folks who comment on Facebook, etc. Keep using your God-Given-Talents to His glory! It's your home. Do what you like. By the way, I really like the painted granite! Sometimes I get so tired of regular granite & I read that it's on it's way out of style, anyway. Ha! So as my Mom who is in Heaven always said, "Do what you want with what you have." Be a trend setter. God bless, Bev

  2. Poopy wood is the best kind! I love how you used it - very cool idea! :-)

  3. Such a great use of old barn wood, it really makes your mantle pop! Now I've got to go creep around in our old barns and see if we have anything like this to use :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. Love your use of the poopy old wood Kammy! Catching you next week!


  5. How cute...that is just adorable. I like it.

  6. Looks greta Kammy! What a fab idea.

  7. Beautiful transformation, you really can see the potential in things can't you!


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