Monday, June 22, 2015

Beadboard? No, It's Wallpaper!

I wanted the bottom of our eating area in the kitchen to be beadboard.  I had seen other bloggers use it and thought it was a great idea!  I bought enough rolls to go around the room under the chair rail, but hubby said he did not want to use it, he'd rather buy panels that you need to glue/nail on.  (Big mistake!)

So, I held onto the paper, sure I would find another use for it.  I did!

This is what the walls looked like in the guest room when we bought the place:

The previous owners had graciously removed (most of) the white on white wallpaper that was on the walls, only to reveal a big honking mess of plastered walls!  It looks like they tried in vain to get the red paper(?!) off but to no avail. At least that's what I'm assuming went down.  Same story here!  I used the steamer we had rented and the pic shows about the biggest piece I managed to get off with it!  We would have been at it all month!  

Well we covered up the junk on the kitchen ceiling, why not just "cover up" the junk on the wall?

The paper was considerable cheaper to by at Menards than anywhere else I found it.

Easy Textures Paintable Wallpaper

I saved this project for my expert-wallpaper-hanging mother when she came to visit from Iowa.
The paper ripped pretty easily so you had to be careful when hanging, but other than that you can't get much easier than stripes for matching!

This is a close up of the worst spot.  If you look closely, and I did enhance the photo a little so it would show up better, but you can see the edges of the ripped red paper and bad plaster and whatever it is.

One other problem spot, something bled through on the paper.  Thankfully it is only in this area and it is right under the window and it is not noticed unless I point it out.  SOOOOO relieved it didn't happen in a focal point!!!  I'm sure I could paint some Kilz or Bulls Eye over it and it would be fine.  But for now, I'm leaving it, because you don't really see it with the curtains and all.

The first thing most people say when walking into the bedroom is "Wow, is that the original beadboard on the walls?  That is so awesome!" To which I reply it's wallpaper.... and then I usually have to repeat that because they stare at me dumbfounded and then have to feel it before they believe me!  It is wonderful stuff and the texture makes it look so much more real than even the look-alike-panels that we bought for the eating nook. And I don't have all the nail holes and cracks to caulk, either!  Ugh. So bummed with our decision not to use the textured paintable wallpaper in there too!  Lesson learned. :)

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  1. I love how this looks! So unfortunate about the bleed-thru, but you're right-with the curtains no one will probably ever notice!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Wow. The "before" was about as bad as it gets, and the "after" is stunning. What a huge impact the (faux) beadboard has on the character of the room. It's absolutely beautiful.

  3. Looks great! I'm wondering if I could use this on my orange peel textured walls, or if the texture would show through....

  4. It looks wonderful and I had a good laugh at your appreciative best mom every photo! :)


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