Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Men's Pride And A Radiator

While ripping into the sunroom a few weeks ago, I asked you all on my FACEBOOK page if I should scrap this gigantuous beast of an old radiator for some extra cash or keep it and repurpose it.  The response was a mix, but KEEP IT screamed loud at me.  

Actually, it never really was much of a question in my mind.  I was thinking along the same lines as some of you - garden bench!!

But how is one to move this monstrous thing? 
The men (Hubby on the left, Dad on the right) are contemplating this perplexing situation.

Dad gets a large crow bar to pry it up while we all heave and ho and pop out hernias.  We move it about an inch.  And then pull and struggle again.  Maybe two inches this time.  We manage to struggle and grunt and use unheard of muscles and get it almost half way across the room, to the door.  Then we just can't move it any more.

Now what is it with men and their pride?  This is where I just shake my darn head.  Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hey guys?  The neighbor that just moved in across the street is He-Man.  Let's just go ask him to help us.
Men: {blank stare at me}
Me: Seriously!  He just won a national title in Chicago for dead lifting! Or something like that. I'm telling you he could probably throw this over his shoulder and walk out the door.
Men: {blank stare}... at the radiator this time

It does not move.

Next morning.....

Me:  Dad.  Watch this video.  This is Paul.  He lives across the road.  He's very nice.  HE CAN HELP US.  Watch him win the national title in Chicago for some heavy lifting.
Dad: Wow.  That is one seriously strong man.  Wow.  Let me see that again.  {Shakes head in disbelief and watches a third time}

An hour later:

Men: KAMMY!  We need you again.  Let's try to move this thing out.  We got it this far, we can finish this.
Tim: No, you're not getting Paul.  You're going to get the chain while I get the tractor.

Men cannot ask for directions.  Apparently, they also can not ask for help when muscles are involved.

Thank goodness for the tractor.

And now I have the perfect little photo op!  

These are my two youngest.  Best friends for reals.  :)

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  1. :-) Too funny! But at least they finally got the job done!

  2. Well, we already knew most men would rather drive around for hours before they'll admit they don't know where they're going---& (horrors!) ask for directions. The converse of this is that they won't make a serious effort to look for something, when it's easier to ask someone else. They expect something to jump out at them, so rather than move something in the pantry or refrigerator they'll ask where it is. This tactic is also used when shopping. No sooner than I mention that I'm looking for something in a store, my husband will suggest we ask an employee. I won't ask someone else until I've already exhausted all the possible locations. Anyway, I'm glad to see you're going to repurpose the radiator into a bench!

  3. Oh my goodness, it was worth all that trouble just to get those pictures of your adorable kiddos! Love the idea of using it as a garden bench :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. oh my gosh! that is too funny! Love the tractor picture. :)

    cute little besties you have there Kammy!


    ps catching you!

  5. lol...the thing about radiators and men's pride is they can both run hot sister! Love the new bench and fun story!

  6. That's a great repurposing idea!!!! It makes a great place to take pics of the kids too

  7. Great idea for a photo op...cute kids ;)


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