Thursday, September 10, 2015

Your Laundry Room NEEDS This!

My mom poked fun at my excitement over having a "missing sock board" in my laundry room.  I don't think she realized just how handy it was going to be!!!!!  I knew I'd be using it a lot because I always, always, always end up with half a pair here and there.  But I did read once somewhere that there was a little sock monster in everyone's dryer that eats socks and then regurgitates them out as lint.  So the socks that have been hanging on my missing sock board for two years in a row, well I think I just need to resign to the fact that the dryer sock monster ate it's match.  

But seriously, you should SEE HOW MANY SOCKS I HAVE HANGING ON MINE! (I will show you an embarrassing photo of that further down!)  It's a good thing I put a lot of clothes pins on the one I made for myself.  It's awesome though.  Here's how laundry day goes.  I dump the pile of clean clothes on my bedroom floor, sigh, and plop down next to it and begin the whole sorting/folding regime. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I usually end up with about seven socks without a match.  Yup, I really do.  No biggy!  I throw them back in the hamper, head back into the laundry room and over to the sock board and bam, just what I'm looking for.  I usually find matches to over half of them and the rest I hang up on the clothes pins for the next load.  It's extremely gratifying to find my missing sock hanging right there, anxious to be reunited with it's partner.

So for these cute ones, I started with some hideously ugly brown plaques that my friend Marie gave me.  I love it that all my friends give me their junk.  :)  The other day while I was painting my blue table, my kids were begging me to let them paint, too.  So I gave them these ugly plaques and told them to go to town. :)  Sorry I don't have a before shot, just trust me on the awfulness of them.  She actually gave me four of them!  So I have two more to do something with.

I wasn't sure what to do about the holes, so that's when the sock board idea popped into my brain for these babies.  I could glue the clothes pins right over the holes.  Yup!

After they were painted (and I sanded off the bumps and strokes from my kid's paint job), I stenciled on the letters using a Painter's marker.  Oh how I love those things.  They make it easy to fill in the lines on the stencils when you take the stencil off.  I then used wood glue to adhere the clothes pins and I was done!  

 I don't know why I didn't think of "SOCKS SEEKING SOULMATES" until I did the second plaque:

It has a better ring to it  than "SOCKS LOOKING FOR SOULMATES".  Oh well. :)

This one my friend had actually painted a crazy orange/melon color before she gave it to me which ended up looking really awesome when I sanded some of the blue paint off.  The distressed look of the red peeking out under the aqua blue is pure perfection.  

 Oh yes, I promised you a peek at the sock board in MY laundry room - this is so embarrassing!!!!!!!  But here it is:

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  1. This is such a cute (& easy!) idea! My husband and I just pile all our spare socks up on our dresser, so this is a much nicer looking approach :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Very cute boards. :) I thought of making one for my laundry room, too, until I noticed that my kids INSIST on wearing mismatched socks. Guess its "the thing." Oh well, saves me the effort & time of finding the "soulmate."

  3. Kammy, I always get a chuckle out of your posts .... besides the great projects! Keep them both coming! Cynthia

  4. I've seen this idea before but I love the message you added to yours - fun!

  5. Cute project! If you stencil "Socks Seeking Solemates," you get a little foot pun in there, too, heehee. :) Also seen some with Dobby references from Harry Potter, like "Master has given Dobby a sock," and such.

  6. Adorable! Love your wording... I may have to be a copycat! :)


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