Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rustic Chicken Wire Shelf In the Eating Area

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I did not make this fantastically genius shelf you are going to see today that is now hanging in my eating area.  No, I wish so badly that I could claim this beautiful masterpiece as my own handiwork but alas, I can't.  But I am soooo thankful that Becky Hollow from Hollow's Market (you must go like her facebook page here!) brought it to our craft show open house shin dig last weekend to sell.  But no, not even the talented Becky can lay claim to this one.  Her daughter-in-law put this beauty together.  And now I own it.  Thank you, Kerrie Hollow, this is the perfect rustic shelf for the space in the corner of my kitchen/eating area!!!

Let's step back and see this little corner from afar....

And now a close up of it's awesome-ness:

Thanks to my ever-staging  mom for making all my things look swell on it.
While I went to unwind by typing a blog post after 200-300 people walked through my house, she unwinds by hanging shelves and running around the house gathering items to make the perfect vignette.  And it will probably stay this way until next time she comes to visit.

Oops, I see the tag still peeking out of the corner!  My bad.
This is an acorn wreath I made a few years back. 

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  1. Love the shelf!!! The acorn wreath is adorable, too. Would love to see a tutorial..... :)

    1. Thanks!! You can actually click on the work "acorn wreath" in the text and it will take you to the tutorial. :) But I just added a picture and link to the bottom of the post for you to make it a tad easier. :)

  2. The shelf is so creative! Love how it came out!!


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