Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Decoupaging The Dressing Desk

The DRESSING DESK?  Dude.  I don't know what to call this!  Someone please tell me the name of it.... but you must see the big wood swinging arms it once had that had beautiful fabric to enclose the contents of this.......  cute little piece of furniture!

There comes a time when a generation says good bye... and when they go,  loved ones get the furniture that has been forgotten for years and has accumulated inches of dust.  I inherited this trio when my hubby's Gramps went to a nursing home several years ago (He has since gone on to be with the Lord).  This was my mother-in-laws set as a girl.  
I can picture her sitting on that little stool... at her little dressing table - is that what you call it?? - and flipping out the bottom of her blond bob swinging her legs, just like she still does.

What a surprise to find this hiding under all that upholstery fabric!

The wood top was not solid wood, so to try to stain and varnish was out of the picture. 
I painted the whole thing white.

I've wanted to decoupage something on to furniture for a long time now, but just never quite had the right thing to do it with.  This seemed like the right thing - finally!
I'm glad I have stashes of like.... pretty much everything.  Stashes of furniture, stashes of scrap book paper, stashes of crafting stuff like Modge Podge, stashes of dark chocolate M&M's, Reeces, Cream cheese, belly button lint, etc.....

I've definitely not mastered the art of getting a perfectly air bubble-free surface... but hopefully I'm the only one that notices the small wrinkles.  Ain't nothing perfect.  Accept my chickens.

So at first I thought the shelves had fallen down.... but NO!  They are shoe shelves!  Must have been back in the day when girls had a pair of good shoes and play shoes.  I mean, seriously.  Who needs more than two pairs of shoes???  This should be more than enough shoe storage.

Up close and personal with this blue and green srapbook paper goodness:

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So what happened to the little dressing stool in that picture of floral awesomeness?
Well.... check that out here:

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  1. It's called a vanity table or dressing table. Most had the "kidney" shaped top and the swing out arms that the skirt was attached to. Mine was made of pine and stained a maple color. I bought it at a yard sale but never got around to making a skirt for it. It had a drawer that could only be opened when the arms were opened.

  2. Wow! Great transformation! I "rescued" the same type of table in all it's Hollie Hobbie contact paper/bad paint/wood separated glory from certain landfill death. It was work to get it all sanded/glued and painted, but it is my favorite piece! It's sentimental to see how she originally came about. Thanks for sharing!


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