Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Chippy Window With Chicken Wire and Jute

This old window frame with no glass  was in rough shape.  It was pulled from a big heap of junk on the curb.  Not just "junk" like "KAMMY STYLE I LOVE JUNK" but nasty junk.  It looked interesting though and like a magnet being drawn to metal....  it attached itself to me.  And then I did nothing with it.

It moved to our new home with us... and two more years.... I finally I decided it was time!  I put chicken wire on the back of the two small openings, and using a staple gun attached two strands of jute rope on the larger opening to hang photos or printables.

The bottom photos are being held on with little metal shower curtain clips.
I was almost giddy when I came across two more sets of them at a garage sale last weekend!

Yes, those are beautiful children.  No, they are not mine... but I'd take 'em. :)  I am blessed with some super duper  nieces and a nephew!

One of my besties, Heather, makes these prints.  I was lucky to get a few from her once but you can buy them in her Etsy shop HERE.

Oh you like chippy?  Well check out my chippy cupboard door that lives right next door to this old window!  Mmmm... chippy goodness abounds!

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1 comment:

  1. When you find an old chippy window do you mull over what can be done with it? So many ideas to use them either decoratively or usefully, or even both. Your window looks awesome, gotta love old chippy windows. What did you have behind chicken wire, is that a white painted board or?
    We had several old windows used to get for free, had to leave several and some old doors behind when we left KY, killed me.
    There was window place across from clinic I went to in Bowling Green, KY. One day went over to ask about windows laying out on ground, was told could take whatever I wanted. Oh my Eureka, what a deal, you'd think had won lottery, to me was like it.
    One day there was 3 ft. square window with 12 panes, intact. Grabbed that baby so quick. Had hubs build frame on wall to mount it since it was so heavy. Used to print out various things to put in panes, had to leave that one also, groan. Wonder if window place still leaves old windows out on ground, would sure like to find out.
    We live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO now, been here since 2004. Hardly see old windows here even for sale then they're priced way too high.
    Everything here is too high, very greedy folks. Happy rest of week


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