Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pallet Treehouse {Creative But Blogless Friends}

Oh oh OHHHHH can we say I know some amazing people??? 

Welcome to another edition of "Creative But Blogless Friends"!

I'm not sure "blogless" really applies here since Marissa DOES write an amazing blog but last I checked it hadn't been updated in seven months.  And also, I guess this is a tribute to her hubby, even though I'm sure she had something to do with this amazing project!  Because behind this great guy is a great wife!  And she's not only my friend, but my little cousin.  :)

Today let me introduce to you the man my sweet and wonderful little cousin Marissa married - Dallas Wessels.

Not only does this farmer have a continual twinkle in his eye and a mile wide smile that beams from the inside out, but he's an amazing repurposer!!!!  Everyone's doing something with pallets these days - including repurposing them for firewood - but THIS guy made an awesome fort for his four kiddos on his Iowa farm.

I asked him to email me pictures of the building process, so that's what you're getting today.
Sorry I do not have step by step instructions for you, but maybe someday he'll be famous enough from Pinterest to need to make a DIY channel on YouTube.

Notice the old barn door...

Adorable little chip-off-the-old-blocks:
(Just kidding Missy, you're not old and you're not a block!  haha)

I feel like I should offer some sort of prize for the person who can guess how many pallets this treehouse took to construct!  But alas, I don't even know....

Check out this climbing wall or ladder on the backside:

Thanks for tuning in today!

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  1. What a fun place to play! And can even act as a "tent" for a summer backyard sleepover.


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